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Competition prizes

The following prizes will be awarded to the 120 candidates who classify for the final stage of the competition:

The 16 winning contestants from the  “Centres de Formaci├│ d’Adults” are classified from 1st to 8th in each category receive in that order:

All the people who are responsible for the competition at each educational centre who have a student classified amongst the 120 finalists will also receive a prize, based on the following criteria:

The representatives of the contest in the “Centres de Formaci├│ d’ Adults” with students (16) who achieve the top three final positions will recieve an online English language methodology course.

The winners of previous editions of the FONIX competition - who were classified in the first position are allowed to take part in the competition again; however it they are again classified in the first position, they will receive a special prize in recognition of their achievement. They will not be able to win one of the first six prizes again. Please see this ruling in paragraph 7 of the FONIX rules.